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This week Small Time Napoleon joins us for some games and a chat about train-obsessed daddy issues.  PLUS: they perform a BRAND NEW SONG you lucky son of a gun

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We are fortunate to have Black Birds of Paradise on this week.  They join us for rounds of WORD!, BattleBoat, and The Situation. Also we hear some songs from their album, available here:

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Hey happy summer! We invited Karass to a pool party & they broke ALL THE RULES!

check out Karass on bandcamp: http://karass.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Karasstheband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karassmusic
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Happy Independence Day! This week's guest is Andrew Rinehart who we subjected to games of WORD!, The Mikes Is Right! and The Situation. Also we hear some songs from Andrew and complain about that 'Fox Say' video from a couple years back.

Find more from Rinehart here: http://www.rinehartmedia.com
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The wonderful Twin Limb joins us on the show this week for some live performances & games of WORD!, BattleBoat!, & The Situation. PLUS we throw out some Hunk Honks for all the Hunks out there!

Find Twin Limb here: twinlimb.com 
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This week Nick Dittmeier and crew join us to celebrate the release of his new album 'Light Of Day' which is out today! pick it up here and catch Nick live on his mini-tour this week.  We play WORD!, BattleBoat!, and The Situation, and Nick serves up some coostic sclusies!!

& find Nick online at nickdittmeier.com
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Happy Basketball Madness! This week we are joined by The Deloreans, who stop by to play WORD!, The Mikes Is Right, & the Situation. Also we hear some tunes new and classic and there is a basketball rap.

See The Deloreans THIS SATURDAY at Haymarket Whiskey Bar and experience their new 7" single 'As Long As It's You'
find The Deloreans at https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalDeloreans
and on twitter at https://twitter.com/thedeloreans
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Batter Up folks! This delightful episode features 3 great Louisville area writers: Matt Thompson, Editor of The Louisville Lip, Syd Bishop of NeverNervous.com, and Novelist/Lip Contributor Jason Linden.  Be sure to subscribe via iTunes or RSS and write us an iTunes review!

Find The Louisville Lip here: http://thelouisvillelip.com

& Never Nervous: http://www.never-nervous.com

& read Jason's novel here: http://www.jasonlinden.com
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Happy 50th Episode everybody!

We are joined this week by Tender Mercy & the best fan around, Sara from Sweden. They compete in rounds of WORD! Saw It! and The Situation. Plus we hear some music from Tender Mercy's new EP 'As Someone Else You Embrace The Moment In Us', which is available here: https://tendermercy.bandcamp.com

Be sure to subscribe, write a review on iTunes, & find us on facebook and twitter. Have a great week!

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Happy 2014 Probably Not listeners! We have here an epic battle between two great Seans. They play WORD!, The Sean Is Right, Puffy Kinney Vizzini or Bond?, & the Situation. Plus Sean's recipe for Tito's Handmade Vodka Biscuits!

Sean Bailey can be found at facebook.com/MUSICulture or twitter.com/LouMusiCulture

Sean Bailey can be heard regularly on WFPK.org or on https://soundcloud.com/fpkafterdark. His twitter handle is @seanbuzzgrinder

Thanks for listening, thanks to Diamond Brian Cronin at Goldsmith Studios for recording, please write us a review on iTunes and subscribe. Happy 2014!
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